How to Fix Alienware Command Center Startup Issues?

If you have Alienware computer you should know about this topic. May be you have encountered with command center related issues or you can face the problem anytime if you are regularly playing game on this Alienware computer.

What is Alienware Command Center?

Alienware Command Center is a software program developed by Dell for its Alienware computers and laptops. With the help of this program you can a fusion and FX lighting to get the more control on your computer system. You can see the lighting affects across the six distinct zones including the AlienwareTM logo, touchpad keyboard, and more.

However, these command centers sometimes face the problem and FX lighting not works or shows other issues that can be fixed at Dell Alienware support. To fix this issue uninstall and reinstall the command center on your Alienware. And the steps are discussed below to fix Alienware command center startup issues on your Dell Alienware computer or laptop.


Steps to Fix Alienware Command Center Startup Issues:

Step1: First shutdown your computer and unplug every external device.

Step2: Now try a power drain process, for which you have disconnect the battery and AC adapter. Press and hold the power button for a while and reconnect the battery to close the PC.

Step3: Now restart your computer but make sure you have latest BIOS version on your computer.

Step4: Now you have to uninstall and reinstall the command center on your Alienware.

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How to Uninstall and Reinstall Alienware Command Center?

To fix the command center problem permanently you have uninstall and reinstall the Alienware Command Center with right process. To carry out this process safely you can get online help at Alienware laptop support or follow the steps given below explained by the experts.


Steps to uninstall and reinstall Alienware command center:

Step1: You need to uninstall the Alienware command center from program features. On Windows 10/8.1/8 just right click on the left hand lower side of the screen, while on windows XP/7 click on start and then open the control panel then go to programs and features.

Step2: Now launch the command using windows Key+R on your keyboard or right click on the left hand side of the screen on windows 10 or and you can use start then run on windows 7.

Step3: Type “%appdata%” hit Enter and delete Alienware folder and if there is no folder you can continue.

Step4: Now type “%programdata%” press Enter again delete any Alienware folder, continue if no such folders.

Step5: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Alienware\ where older versions of command center will located under C:\Program Files (x86), hence don’t forget to check both the folders and delete the command center folders only.

Step6: Now go to the Documents folder under My Documents on Windows 7 and delete the AlienFX and Alienware TactX folders.

Step7: Launch the Run Command and type regedit to open “Registry Editor” and search the following registry key - “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alienware”.

Step8: Now one-by-one delete the folders in the name of “AlienFXMediaPlugin”, “Alienware AlienFX” ”CCPlugins” and Command Center. May be few folders not present there.

Step9: Now under the registry editor search “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Alienware” and delete the folders like “AlienFXMediaPlugin”, “Alienware AlienFX” and “Command Center”. Though, some of the folders would be not present there, hence delete only that are showing over there.

Step10: Now restart your system and download the Alienware Command Center version to install on your system. To download the latest version you can click here or call Alienware customer support phone number to install the right setup or fix Alienware command center startup issues by expert technicians to get assured results.