How to Fix Alienware FX Lights Not Working Problem?

How to Fix Alienware FX Lights Not Working Problem?

AlienFX in Alienware computers is an amazing lighting feature that makes gaming experience more realistic and enjoyable. This is one of the most amazing and unique feature developed by the Alienware makers for game lovers to get a different experience while playing games on PC.

What is AlienFX Lighting in Alienware?

AlienFX in Alienware is exclusive software that controls the lighting system on the connected keyboards. Actually, it allows users to create or customize the lighting and especial effects as per his choices and combination of different colors or sound effects. With the AlienFX lighting you can control and customize with any combination lighting and colors tuned as per the gaming actions, sound and visual effects taking your computer game playing experience to a next level.

Playing games on Alienware would be more enjoying if you play with AlienFX light effects. But sometime due to some technical issues this AlienFX lighting not works or FX not changing colors bring downs the excitement of playing the games on your Alienware. Thus, right here we brought few steps to fix AlienFX lighting not working problem on Alienware computers.

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Steps to Fix AlienFx Lights Not Working Problem:

Step1: Check and enable the AlienFX controller again. And to do that, just right click on the AlienFX icon over the notification area of windows and select “Enable Alienware AlienFX’, if it is already enabled, once disable and then enable before closing the window.

Step2: Now you need to uninstall the command center which you can find under the Programs & Features Control Panel. If you don’t find that just call to Alienware support for online help.

Step3: Shut down your Alienware computer properly and start it again with normal booting process.

Step4: This time you have to install the Command Center again with the latest version v2.0.10, and make sure you get the right setup from reliable sources to avoid any issues after installation.

Step5: Now follow the instructions for successful installation, once completed shutdown your computer but don’t reboot this time.

Step6: Now power on your system and check if the AlienFX is still not working or lights are out after powering up the system from the last shutdown.

After this troubleshooting process if FX Lightening is still not working on your Alienware computer, you need to immediately call to Dell support number and get the right solution by experts who can fix Dell Alienware computer problems quickly in a right way.