How to Fix A Dell Computer That Won’t Start Up?

Dell is a well-known brand engaged in production and manufacturing of computers, laptop, Printer, Tablet, Alienware etc. The Dell computers are best known for its performance and speed. Usually, it doesn’t have any type of errors but there could be certain issues which can cause trouble and prevent the users to work on it.

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dell laptop wont turn on

To enjoy the nonstop and best quick online assistance for Dell computer won’t turn on problem need to get in touch with the professionals involved here. They are available to handle the customer’s issue without asking any unnecessary questions. They have also mentioned some needed and important methods through which the customers will be able to troubleshoot Dell laptop won't turn on issue.

Methods to troubleshoot Dell computer not starting error:

Step 1: Firstly, the users are required to check that the computer finishes initial Power-Up (POST)

Step 2: After this need to unplug all external devices attached like Printers, Scanners, Media Card Readers, Small Media cradles, digital Cameras and Video Recorders, USB storage devices, CDs or DVDs from all optical drives.

Step 3: Now, users may need to check for specific error messages

Step 4: Also required to reset the BIOS to default

Step 5: Then, perform computer diagnostic

Step 6: Open Safe Mode option and boot the system

Step 7: Restore Critical Windows Files with the help of Startup Repair

Step 8: Restore system Windows Recovery Environment

Step 9: Then needed to isolate software problem by clean-Boot Troubleshooting process

Step 10: Troubleshoot the malware and virus issue

Step 11: At last, perform the Factory Settings to fix such issue

For any other related updates regarding Dell computer not turning on concern feel free to dial the Dell technical support phone number available for US and Canada regions at customize rate of service charge. Here the users will be assisted online with accurate solution as per the customer’s choice without any affect to other attached components.