How to Fix Dell Error Code 2000 0142?

The Dell error code 2000 0142 is classified as hard drive error and when the hard drive is unable to pass power on self-test during computer boot up and show the error code. In general hard drive started creating clicking, beeping and spinning noise and the windows will not able to boot up computer and display error code 2000 0142 or may be the disc head will die without any warning.

If your laptop is not turning on and you need to know the procedure to turn on the laptop you are required to read How to Fix My Dell Laptop That-Won’t Turn on Issue. But if you are not able to pass power on self-test and an error code 2000 0142 Dell is shown as a result then you can read steps and methods listed in the blog below and after executing all the steps in the blog to fix various issues in Dell.

Dell Error Code 2000 0142

Steps to Fix Dell Test Error Code 2000 0142:


Step1: Start dell system and on logo screen press F12 to enter one time boot menu.

Step2: Navigate to diagnostics using arrow keys and hit enter button.

Step3: Wait for the diagnostics to complete and check which part is not able to pass test.

Step4: The device not able to pass test may have loose connection or not working at all.

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Step5: Open back panel and remove device having issue clean all the connections and if possible replace connecting cables.

Step6: Run hardware test again if still getting hardware error in result then change the existing part.

Step7: After replacing part restart system by pressing F8 or reach Dell service center.

Call Dell Support Number +1-844-395-2200 to Fix Dell Error Code 2000 0142

If still you system is not working after following all the steps in the blog and you need to get in touch with Dell support number and get help from certified professionals. Here the team is working round the clock to solve various issue in Dell PC and to get in touch with experts you can contact +1-844-395-2200 toll free to get instant assistance in USA and Canada.