How to Fix Dell Inspiron Screen Flickering Problem?

Dell is a brand known to produce highly hardwearing Devices but as these devices run on electricity with the help of compatible software the errors are made to happen. Dell Inspiron screen flickering issue is a most common issue occurs when there is an software issue with drivers and hardware issue due to some loose connection to the display or more errors.

If your Dell Inspiron touch screen is not working or showing the similar problem, you can read our blog post How To Fix Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Not Working Issue on Windows 10. While for screen flickering related issue you can execute steps listed in the blog below illustrating the most suitable guidance to fix Dell screen flickering problem safely.

Dell Inspiron Laptop Screen Flickering

Steps to Fix Dell Inspiron Screen Flickering Problem:


Step1: Shutdown the laptop and press power button with press and hold D button.

Step2: Display test will be performed automatically and look for flickering lines.

Step3: If no lines seen connect your display to the external display and check for lines.

Step4: If no line seen in both the displays then move to methdo2.


Step1: Open control panel and navigate to device manager.

Step2: Browse display drivers and right click the chipset device to select properties.

Step3: Now in opened tab select driver option and press update button.

Step4: After installing update press disable button and after 10 seconds press enable button.

Step5: Restart and check again if error is found.

METHOD3: Tighten loose connections: Open the back pane to the display and check the ends of wires to the display are not lose if they are tight them. Now open back panel near the battery and check connections to the display are tight.

Call Dell Support Number +1-844-395-2200 to Fix Dell Laptop Screen Flickering Problem

There few other available common methods to fix screen flickering issue in Dell laptops and PCs. If still you are facing screen flickering issue you are required to contact Dell Inspiron Support Number by dialing toll free number +1-844-395-2200 to get round the clock assistance for the customers of USA and Canada.