How to Fix Dell Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue?

After updating windows generally you may face charging issue it is due to change in registry or files installed on the laptop or due to a bug installed in the laptop during update. You may receive error AC adapter is not recognized or plugged in not charging and your laptop will behave dramatically slow.

To increase the performance of the laptop battery in dell you need to execute some steps listed in blog on How to Improve Dell Laptop Battery Performance. But to fix the Dell laptop is not getting charge you need to follow the steps mentioned below to solve battery charging issue in Dell laptop.

dell laptop battery not charging

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging:


Step1: Shutdown the laptop and disconnect all the cables connected including charger.

Step2: Remove battery and press power button for 60 seconds.

Step3: If battery is not detachable it can be disconnected from back panel after removing connection.

Step4: Connect the cable of not detachable battery and reattach the battery to the laptop.

Step5: Connect the charger and switch on the laptop.


Step1: Disconnect the charger from the power supply.

Step2: Connect charger through direct plug to the wall to check if it is a voltage issue.


Step1: Open control panel and navigate to installed programs.

Step2: Search for the battery option and select it from program lists.

Step3: Click on remove or uninstall and search for left over files and delete them.

Step4: Browse for latest updated driver for your model number.

Step5: And start installing the drivers after installation restart the laptop.

Call Dell Support Number +1-844-395-2200 to Fix Dell Laptop Battery Not Charging

If you have connected some faulty peripherals to the laptop or the charger is faulty you may not able to charge the laptop. Overcharging will effect your laptop battery and if you need help you can call +1-844-395-2200 toll free to get in touch with Dell laptop support number to get help from technical experts.