How to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working?

If you have Dell laptop and touchpad is not working you can connect external mouse and use your computer without any hassle. But you need to fix the touchpad not working issue, as you cannot use mouse everywhere making difficult for you to perform common actions. To fix the Alienware touchpad not working windows 10 issue you can follow the steps given another blog post by experts.

Touchpad not working problem on Dell laptops can be affected due to many reasons like driver missing, the settings has been changed, the outer surface area of touchpad has been damaged or outdated system drivers and software not supporting this function. Similarly, sometimes mouse pad also not works and create problem for users, so to fix this issue you can read our another blog how to solve Dell Inspiron 15 laptop mouse pad not working describing the step-by-step guidance to fix mouse pad not functioning related various issues.

Fix Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Not Working Issue

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issues:


The best way to fix the touchpad not working issue with windows based Dell computers is check the settings and enable your Dell Touchpad and allow the function work properly.

Steps to Enable Touchpad in Dell Laptops: 

Step1: Open Settings and go to Devices > Mouse & touchpad. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Additional mouse options.

Step2: The Mouse Properties window will open, and click the Dell Touchpad tab.

Step3: Click on the touchpad to select it and then click Enable.


The another option to solve Dell touchpad not working issue is update dell touchpad driver that helps to work this function and allow users to move their fingers on touchpad surface.


If your touchpad issue is not solved you have another option you can try is just solve Dell touchpad by changing the related settings and the simple steps are given below.

Step1: Open Start Menu and type Mouse and click on Mouse and touchpad settings

Step2: Under the Touchpad column, change the delay between you typing and the touchpad being activated.

The change of setting is helpful actually in terms of adjusting the response time of using the touch surface on your Dell laptop. By default it is set to No delay (always on) which means your touchpad will accept any inputs but by increasing the delay you stop the touchpad from accepting inputs until a short time after you've stopped typing, which should reduce this.

Call Dell Support Number to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue

If despite all these efforts your problem is not solved you can call at Dell customer support number for online help and get quick solution by experts. The touchpad issue will be examined remotely with all the possible bugs and other issues affecting this function. After complete diagnosis the root cause of issue is fixed to make the touchpad work properly and allow Dell users to perform all functions through this touch surface area and enjoy their devices.