How To Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 10?

The connection error via Wi-Fi connectivity in dell laptop appears due to corrupted registry files or due to any software errors. You have to make sure that the internet connection is working and you are trying to connect to internet in the range of Wi-Fi.

If your USB port is not detected in your dell laptop read to know How to Solve USB port problems on Dell Laptop. If you are not able to connect to internet using Wi-Fi connectivity you can follow below methods to solve why won't my Dell laptop connect to wi-fi.

why won t my dell laptop connect to wifi

Steps to Fix My Dell Laptop Won't Connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 10:


Step1: Open control panel and go to network and internet.

Step2: Open network and sharing and select manage wireless network options.

Step3: Click on each wireless network and right click to remove them.


Step1: Search for available networks.

Step2: Select your network and enter required password for that.

Step3: Click on connect button and wait for the authentication done.


Step1: Open device manage found in control panel.

Step2: Open wireless connectivity and check if driver is running properly.

Step3: Check updates for the drivers and install them.

Step4: If still not working disable Wi-Fi driver and wait for 10 seconds and enable it again.

Call Dell Support Number +1-844-395-2200 to Fix Why Won't My Dell Laptop Connect to Wi-Fi

The above blog will help you to identify the problem and follow step by step instruction to the problem. If you are not able to fix why won t my dell laptop connect to wifi after following the blog you can contact Dell support number toll free by calling at +1-844-395-2200 you can get in touch with certified professionals round the clock.