How to Fix Dell Monitor Power Save Mode Problem?

If you left your system or laptop idle for some time it will enter into sleep mode in general by pressing keys and moving mouse or by pressing click on mouse it will wake up. But some-times the monitor or CPU enter in deep sleep mode or power save mode and the user is helpless to bring back it to normal mode.

If you are not able to get rid of the Dell sleeping problem you need to know How to Fix Sleep Mode Problems in Dell Computer. But to solve Dell monitor power save mode problem you can follow below methods and execute all steps given below carefully to fix various issues in Dell laptop to fix dell monitor power save mode stuck.

dell monitor power save mode problem

Steps to Fix Dell Monitor Power Save Mode Stuck:


Step1:Switch on Monitor and CPU.

Step2: Remove all the connected cables from the Monitor and the CPU.

Step3: Remove cable connection between Monitor and CPU.

Step4: Reconnect all the cables and Power on the CPU.


Step1: Right click on home screen and select personalize option.

Step2: Now click on screen saver option located at the bottom of personalize screen.

Step3: In screen saver window click on change power options.

Step4: Click on change plan settings and select turn of display to never.

Step5: Now select put the computer to sleep to never make sure you are changing power option for active power plan.

Step6: Click on save changes and exit all the windows.

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