How to Fix Dell Power Button Flashing Orange?

While working when system stop working and after restart the power button in Dell laptop flash orange in color this denotes that there is a power supply issue with Dell system. In general twice flashing orange light will extend to 3 after a pause then to 4 till 7 beeps there is a connection as well as power issue with Dell system.

If while working on Dell system your system goes to sleep and you don’t know the procedure to fix the issue read now How to Fix Sleep Mode Problems in Dell Computer. But to fix Dell power button flashing orange you need to follow steps listed in the blog below and execute step by step all the instructions to solve the flashing problem.

dell power button flashing orange

Steps to Fix Dell Power Button Flashing Orange Twice:


Step1: Shutdown the system and disconnect power supply and remove all the cables.

Step2: Open back panel of the system and remove CMOS battery.

Step3: Clean the ram and insert the ram and change Power cable.

Step4: Now fix the back panel and restart the system.


Step1: Repeat step1 of method1 and remove back panel of the computer.

Step2: In Dell system by default there are minimum two numbers of slots.

Step3: Change the slot connected with the memory of the computer.

Step4: Install the back panel of the computer and restart the computer and check if issue is fixed.

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