How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 016-799?

Error Code 016-799 appearing on your computer screen while using Dell printer comes due to an issue with the paper or while using the dual side printing. Actually, when an invalid print parameter is included in the print data of the application, or the print data and the Print Setup settings may not match this error code appears on the computer screen.

To fix this error code you have to go through the right troubleshooting process described here below by the experts. However, to solve Dell laser printer issues on your computer you can read our blog How to Troubleshoot Dell Laser Printer Problems with right procedure. Right now we have discussed the right process to fix Dell printer error code 016-799 for windows computers.

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fix dell printer error code 016 799

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 016-799:

Step1: First step towards this troubleshooting process is try out the power on the printer by turning the power off and wait for 10 seconds before turn it on again.

Step2: Now verify the paper size whether it is meeting with printer specification or not. If you are sure about the same take help with the user manuals guide for complete details.

Step3: Here you have to set the paper size to auto mode in the operational panel. At this stage if you need help, just call Dell support phone number and get right instructions by experts.

Step4: After setting the paper size you can try and print the document and check if the error code comes again on your computer screen.

Step5: Now determine if the page is printing properly or not, if it is working properly it ok, otherwise there is some critical issues need to check with professionals.

If above troubleshooting process is not enough to fix Dell printer error code 016-799, then don’t waste your time in finding other troubleshooting options, instead call Dell printer support phone number to get online help and fix this error with assured solution. These technicians will also help you solve Dell printer related various types of other issues with complete safety.