How to Fix Dell XPS Not Turning On?

While pressing the power button to boot up the windows in Dell XPS laptop and the laptop is not turning on is a critical error and must be treated to bring your laptop in the working mode. In general improper shutdown of the windows or any recent change done whether hardware or software may result in the error as removing software’s can create changes in various files.

If you are facing an issue while booting up dell XPS in windows 10 then read now to Solve Dell XPS Boot Problem in Windows 10. But to know the procedure to fix DELL XPS won’t turn on you are required to execute below listed methods step by step to fix various error existing in the Dell XPS laptop not starting up problem.

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Dell XPS Not Turning On

Steps to Fix Dell XPS Not Booting Up:


Step1: Shutdown computer and remove all the cables, devices, Ethernet cable charger connected to it.

Step2: Remove back covers of the laptop and remove battery from the laptop.

Step3: Press power button for a duration of 30 seconds and if battery not detachable press power button for 60 seconds.

Step4: Now connect the charger and insert the battery.

Step5: Restart laptop and check if it’s turning on.

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Step1: Repeat step1 and step2 of method1.

Step2: Unscrew the back panel of the laptop and remove the coin shaped cell.

Step3: Reattach the coin shaped cell and connect the battery to restart computer.


Step1: Press Windows button and L to view log in screen.

Step2: Restart PC while pressing shift key and now click troubleshooting in recovery option.

Step3: Click on advanced options and select option recovery from drive if you have a disk.

Step4: Else click on Run recovery and after recovery restart Dell for use.

Call Dell Support Number 1-844-395-2200 to Fix Dell XPS Not Turning On

The users who have followed all the methods above listed in the blog and still the same concern is occurring then you need to call now +1-844-395-2200 toll free to get in touch with DELL XPS support number. Here the team of certified technical experts is working to fix various error codes in Dell XPS laptops.