How to Fix Error Code 0146 Dell Inspiron Laptop?

Are you getting an error code 0146 on your Dell inspiron laptop? It is caused due to the problems in HDD and Windows registry. If you ignore, it can corrupt your entire system leads to a major loss in terms of data corrupt or hard disk failure etc.

This error is also known as Disk Error 2000-146 and when you notice your system is running slow, windows programs not responding, system crashes or freezes frequently this error can encounter. You need to fix this error to avoid major damages and run your Dell Inspiron without any trouble. Below there are several methods that are discussed explaining how to fix Error Code 0146 on Dell.

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Method 1: Check Hard Disk for Errors

Hard Disk failure could be the prime reason for this error. Corrupt sectors and failure to load disk data may create Dell error code 0146. To check this error you can use Disk CheckUp utility with the help of Dell tech support. To check the disk, go to my computer and open the properties of C drive and then click on tools tab to find the Check Disk button. Once you click disk button you will get all the details of HDD if there is any error occurs it should be fixed with the right procedure.

Method 2: Reset System Setup

Setting up the system means you need to reset the BIOS settings which need to verify to fix the error code 0146 on your PC. To reset the system setup restart your PC, press F2 constantly and system setup window will appear on your computer screen. Press right menu on your keyboard to exit and then press down arrow to select the “Load Optimized Defaults option.

Method 3: Restore the Registry Settings  

Corrupt registry is the one of the main reason behind this error code 0146. You need to repair the bad entries in registry. Here you need to download a “RegInOut” - a Registry Cleaner which will do this job. Run this cleaner and start full scan it can take one or two minutes and if any error in registry is detected it will be repaired. And at this stage if you need help call Dell support for help.

Method 4: Restore your Dell System

This could be the last resort or best method to fix such errors. When you restore your system it helps to recover reversible damages like wrong PC configurations or incorrect system settings. To restore the system carefully without losing any important data or disturbing key settings call to Dell laptop support phone number for a help by online technician who can do this carefully with effective results.