How to Fix Error Code 0146 in Dell Laptop?

Having a Dell laptop is good choice for the computer users, as, it is packed with latest technology and high configuration. But while using such machines you can face technical problems or can see the error indicating there is some major issue.

Similarly error code 0146, this error can encounter your Dell laptop due to corrupted program, hard disk problem or because of viral infection. This error can freeze your system or can cause other major problems. But here you can get right solution for Dell laptop error code 0146.

Technical Support for Dell Laptop

Repair the Registry Settings on your system

One of the leading reasons behind the error code 0146 is registry corruption. Actually, if there is bad entry detected in the registry you will see this error on your laptop screen. To fix this error get Dell laptop support to download the Reg In Out Registry Cleaner and then run a full scan that will take few minutes but all errors will be repaired automatically.

Scan and Remove Virus or Malware

Hard drive damaged due to virus outbreak shows error 0146, hence scan the virus and remove the infected files or malware. Clean your hard disk and carefully scan every folder before running your system anymore. Dell error 0146 will be disappeared if the actual problem is because of virus or malware outbreak attacking the hard disk of your Dell system.

Reset System Setup or BIOS settings

BIOS setting or system setup is another major concerning factor becomes the prime reason of Dell error 0146 on your PC. You can reset your system to verify the BIOS setting to default or can take help at Dell customer service to manually reset the BIOS settings in the recommended manner to avoid such issues again.

Customer service for Dell

Run the inbuilt Diagnostic Tool to fix the error

Another way to fix the error code 0146 is download the Dell diagnostic tool and run the same on your PC. This troubleshooting tool will detect the actual error automatically and fix the same without any problem. After running this tool restart your PC, probably you will not see this error but if you notice again then get Dell customer support to check the issue by experts.