How to Fix Fuser Error on Dell Laser Printer 5330dn?

Dell Laser printer is known for its different features and good quality printing. It is used by different peoples for different needs as some use it for personal needs where it is also usable for organization and commercial purposes. The Dell Laser Printer comes with the features like well print capacity & speed, resolution is good, easily paper handling etc.

There are some issues which get faced and creates problem for the Dell printer users and they need to solve it as soon as possible. Some examples of printers are like How to Troubleshoot Dell Laser Printer Problems, how to fix fuser error on Dell printer, How to Install and Configure Dell Printer Driver on Mac, How to Scan To Email on Dell Laser Printer, How to Fix Cartridge Error on Dell Printer, How to Fix Dell Printer Errors on Windows PC etc.

The Fuser error is also known as Fuser Fan Locked Error on Dell 5330dn printer. Through this content you can gather the methods to solve the fuser error faced with Dell Printer. Entire methods have been given by the tech experienced professionals who are well qualified and experienced in handling the technical issues faced with dell printer 5330dn.

Fix Fuser Error on Dell Laser Printer 5330dn

Check the points to fix Fuser Error on Dell Laser Printer 5330dn:

Step 1: Users may firstly require turning off the printer and need to wait for 10 seconds and then again turn the printer on and check for the issue.

Step 2: If the same issue occurs then you may need to open and close the Rear Door and the Fuser Door.

Step 3: Also remove rear door connector by pushing it upward, and then pulling it through the opening.

Step 4: Now, users may need to open the fuser door by lifting the fuser release tabs and then slide the fuser release lever to the right.

Step 5: After this, close the fuser door lock it in place, then lower the fuser release tabs.

Step 6: Users can power on the Printer once again and check for the issue

If still facing the same problem with Dell printer then get contact with Dell printer tech support where a team of certified members are available whole day and night to look into the customer’s concern and solve it remotely without losing any stored data and files. So contact Dell support number instantly whenever the problem is seen.