How To Fix My Dell Laptop That Won’t Turn on Issue?

If facing trouble while powering on your Dell laptop or unable to boot into operating system. This blog will help you to deal with no power, no boot, not turning on. After reading this blog if the problem is not resolved contact technical support for more troubleshooting. To Fix Dell Laptop Won't Turn on Issue performs hard reset. Hard reset will resolve maximum issue when Dell laptop will not turn on.

dell laptop wont turn on

Hard Resetting Dell laptop won’t turn on.

Step1: Switch off your Dell laptop.

Step2: Remove all the peripherals connected including charger.

Step3: Remove battery from laptop, if you have a laptop which has non detachable battery. Press and hold power button for 30 seconds after releasing button it will automatically reset (non detachable battery).

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Step4: Remove cds, dvds if any in dvd drive.

Step5: press power button and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds to drain residual power.

Step6: Connect Adapter or charger of your Dell laptop and switch it on.

In most of the Dell computer won’t turn on cases the laptop will start working after following hard reset method. If still facing the trouble you have to perform hardware diagnosis.

Run Hardware Diagnostics

Still you laptop is not working correctly diagnostics available on Dell laptops or you can do it online. Dell has pre enhanced self diagnostic suite in it to troubleshoot the possible errors which is called pre-boot system assessment (PSA). When your Dell laptop not turning on it is mandatory to run PSA, any of the error code in this diagnostics will leads to further troubleshooting. After following methods still facing the issue contact Dell support number or get connected with Dell laptop customer support phone number, our certified team of technicians will scan, troubleshoot for possible errors and after diagnosis our support team will fix any kind of error you face while switching on your Dell laptop.