How to Fix No Boot Device Found Dell Laptop?

Generally this error is seen when the device is unable to communicate with a bootable device i.e. hard drive or MBR has been modified or deleted. Or in boot menu the primary bootable device is set to a media which is not connected or master boot record in not found on that drive or media.

If you want to reset your laptop to factory settings you can read our last post read here: how to reset dell tablet to factory settings. But if you are unable to boot your laptop and getting error message that no boot device found on your system follow below instructions to fix no boot device found dell Laptops.

 no boot device found dell laptop

Steps to Fix No Boot Device Found Dell Inspiron Laptop:


Step1: Reboot you system and press F2 to enter boot menu.

Step2: In boot menu click on legacy and change the option to allow.

Step3: Press f9 to save and f10 to exit.

Step4: Reboot and check no boot device found has been fixed.


Step1: Reboot into boot menu by pressing F2.

Step2: Click on boot window and disable secure boot option.


Step1: Restart the computer while pressing F2.

Step2: Select boot settings and open general tab under it.

Step3: Open boot list options and select UEFI from the list.

Step4: Save and exit boot menu.


Step1: Open boot menu by pressing F2 while restarting the computer.

Step2: Select hard disk drives to find if the hard drive is connected and working properly.

Step3: If not working properly replace the hard drive.


Step1: Perform step1 of method4.

Step2: Rearrange boot devices found in the list make hard drive to be primary bootable device.

Step3: Restart the computer and check issue is fixed or not.

Call Dell Support Number 1-844-395-2200 to Fix No Boot Device Found Dell Laptop

If on following all the methods given in blog above unable to fix no boot device found in dell laptop you can contact an expert. To get in touch with Dell laptop professionals you can contact Dell laptop customer service number and to get help online to fix no boot device found problem. A team of certified technical experts are working here to fix Dell problems with right approach and best methods.