How to Fix Sound Problem on Dell Alienware Laptop?

Your gamming could be affected on Alienware laptop if sound doesn’t comes out from the system. While playing games on your Alienware laptop if you face audio or sound related issues, then you need to run a right troubleshooting process to fix the problem.

The reason behind the sound problem on Dell Alienware laptop could be anything, from hardware issues to BIOS setting or sound driver issues. Until and unless you follow the right troubleshooting process your sound problem would be not solved. Hence, below here we brought the best way to fix the sound problems in such devices.


Check the Volume Control Functions  

Many times the volume icon remains mute or at the lower ends resulting no sound output on your system. Hence, check the status of volume control functions and adjust the same to the best levels to get uninterrupted sound. Volume control functions can be used at various places, and few games on Alienware also give such options to control the volume control directly from the gaming apps instead of main volume button.

Check and Update BIOS Settings

If BIOS setting is not configured correctly or not updated, you can face sound problem on your Dell Alienware laptop. If the sound comes with cracking noise or quality is distorted means there is some issue with BIOS settings on your PC. If you don’t have idea to adjust the settings, call for Dell laptop help and update the same.


Repair or Update Sound Driver

Damaged or outdated sound driver will affect the output or quality of sound on your Dell Alienware laptops. Check the version of sound driver and update the same with latest one to get uninterrupted sound on your system and enjoy realistic gaming experience. Support for Dell laptop drivers available, you just need to find the right technician and call with your complete details to get best support for driver issues.

Run Sound Card Diagnostic to Fix    

If your sound problem with Dell Alienware laptop is not fixed or becoming worst, then use and run sound card diagnostic tool to troubleshoot the problem automatically. If your system doesn’t have this tool you can call at Dell laptop support phone number and certified technician will install the sound card diagnostic tool remotely and also check all other important settings or configurations for best quality sound outputs