How to Improve Dell Laptop Battery Performance?

Dell laptop battery is not popular for giving long-lasting performance, you need to recharge the same again and again to keep your Dell machine work nonstop. Actually, such batteries comes for 3-4 hours backup and after certain time period the use frequent recharging process leads to declined battery life.

But with few useful tips you can optimize the use of battery of your Dell laptop. You just need to keep your machine with certain customize settings to save the battery consumption and avoid unnecessary usages. Read the tips below and follow cautiously to enhance the performance and life-cycle of your Dell laptop battery.

Improve Dell Laptop Battery Performance

Enable Power Saving Mode on your Laptop 

Always use the Dell laptop at power saving mode that helps to minimize the consumption of battery and helps to use the same for longer use. This mode is also called Eco mode that automatically activated when the charging level declines below certain percentage. Under this mode the monitor screen, LED light and other functions disabled automatically.

Turn-off Wireless Connectivity When not in use

When you not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth into your Dell laptop, turn it off, as it consumes lots of battery while in use. Hence, when you not use these applications turn-off and maintain the battery performance for long period. Go to settings and disable for auto start and if you need any help get Dell computer technical support offered by independent technicians to solve such issues remotely with safety.

Avoid Overcharging and Never Keep Plugged

Overcharging of battery reduce the life of a rechargeable battery. Always connect with power source when you are available there to disconnect the cable. Most of the laptop batteries made of Lithium-ion works on rechargeable technology but overcharging affects their power backup performance and gradually reduces the life. Hence, never keep it plugged and remove the charger after full charge.

Disconnect Unused Peripherals

If you connect your Dell laptop with peripherals like keyboard, mouse, speaker and wireless receiver it will consume lots of battery to run these things. If you leave your laptop connected with these devices the battery life will be also affected in long-term. To ensure running of these peripherals update drivers regularly and if there is major issues with charging of your laptop dial Dell laptop support number.