How to Make Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop Run Faster?

Dell Alienware desktops are mainly meant for gaming purpose, and if it works sluggish or run slower than usual speed, you need to check the system and make it faster. There are many reasons behind slowing down the speed of your Dell Alienware X51. Don’t worry about such issues, here below we will explain how to make Alienware X51 desktop run faster

Update BIOS in your Computer

Updating the BIOS settings will help to improve your computer’s hardware performance. You can download the latest BIOS from Dell site, or you can also seek Dell Alienware support that will help you remotely for updating BIOS as per the OS configuration and settings.

Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop Support

Check and Verify the Optimus Whitelist

High-end apps not working on such highly configuration desktops, like video game could be due to incorrect video card that process the instructions. Check the application or installed game added to whitelist in to the video card under control panel settings. You need to check and verify this at your end, and if you need help, call to Alienware x51 support to solve the problem.

Scan and Remove virus and other threats

Downloading games on such premium gadgets to play games also invites online threats like virus, malware, spyware or adware that can damage your entire computer systems. To avoid such risk, protect your PC with antivirus software and scan the infected files to remove them before they cause any major destruction corrupting your data or important files.

alienware x51 support

Use AlienRespawn to restore the backup

It is preinstall software in all series of Alienware desktops containing a copy of originally installed software that you got at the time of getting this gadget new in your hand. You can use AlienRespawn to erase all the data and install only important software but make sure keep a copy of backup of all the essential files or folders before running this app.

After following these crucial steps, hope you enjoy a faster gaming on your desktop. However, despite all these struggles, if your Alienware x51 is still running slow, then Alienware customer service is open all-the-time to help you remotely for making your system run faster while playing games or at the time of performing other key computing tasks on this PC.