How to Reset BIOS Password on Dell Latitude E6410?

Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is the program a computer microprocessor uses to control the initial booting sequence and hardware initialization. A password for BIOS is stored in CMOS memory and in few computers a small battery attached to the motherboard maintains the memory when your computer is switched off.

BIOS password provides an extra layer of protection preventing your computer from unauthorized access. BIOS password is also like a liability because if you forget the password you will not be able to boot up your computer. Don’t worry BIOS password of any computer can be reset by contacting to Dell laptop technical support anytime for help.

Actually, these passwords are created by the BIOS manufacturer that will work no matter what password the user has set up. Right here we will tell you how to reset bios password on Dell latitude e6410. However, If you have Dell XPS laptop and don’t know how to reset the BIOS password you can read our blog How to Reset Dell XPS BIOS Password.

reset bios password on dell latitude e6410

Steps to Reset Bios Password on Dell Latitude E6410:

Step1: First of all unplug power supply and remove the battery from your latitude laptop.

Step2: Now remove the coin battery on the laptop that fuels POWER to the BIOS.

Step3: When you remove it now press the power button and keep hold it for few seconds At least for 10 seconds. You can press again and again your laptop will not start as it doesn’t have battery or not plugged with power adapter.

Step4: Now you need to attach that coin battery backup and your battery and power adapter now turn on your laptop again in normal mode.

Step5: If everything is fine, your laptop will beep and you just need to reset the date and time to get the change under BIOS section.

With these simple and easy to follow steps you can complete the process of bios reset Dell latitude e6410 without any issue. Meanwhile, if you face any technical problem on resetting or changing the BIOS password on your Dell latitude, XPS, Alienware and any other series if laptops or computer you can call at Dell customer support number for online. A quick online assistance will come to you and help you to resolve such issues remotely.