How to Reset Dell XPS BIOS Password?

Dell XPS series of laptops can give you the most advance computing system well-supported with advance software and configuration settings to give best performance for every use. To make best use of it you can adjust various settings of this PC through BIOS settings.

BIOS settings is a crucial task, you should have knowledge to adjust settings or change password, as any kind of wrong step can create other problem or can stop your system from performing various actions. Thus, we brought the right guidelines and instructions to reset Dell XPS BIOS password with few tips to change other setting in BIOS.

Step1: First disconnect your Dell laptop from power cable and also detach any other connected device before shutting down the system. But Make sure your Dell XPS system is fully charged and have capacity to give sufficient power backup for few hours.

Step2: Shut down your Dell system by pressing and holding power button for few seconds. Now turn on the system after putting the laptop on its side with the cover facing up and make sure keep computer on flat surface to ensure the stability.

Step3: Now you have to open the laptop by using screwdriver compatible with the screw. Now slid the cover back and lift up to remove the case, and if you need help then call for Dell XPS technical support to help you on BIOS related various issues.

Step4: Now disconnect any connected cable and clamp on the top of the support bracket. Incline the support bracket straight and get it out to view the motherboard. Keep precautions while doing these steps to ensure the safety of internal parts.

Step5: Here, you will find the three-pin CMOS jumper on the motherboard. The location of CMOS jumper can vary as per the model of the Dell laptop, but into the most of the Dell series laptops, you can find at the bottom-right side of the motherboard.

Step6: Now you need to pull the black two-pin out of pins and 3 on the CMOS jumper, then fix the plug on pins 1 and 2, and wait at least for 5 seconds to erase the BIOS password. After that, again put the two-pins back into the same position, if there is any issue call to Dell customer support for professional help at your desk.

Step7: Now align the support brackets and refit all the components in its original state. And then restart your Dell XPS and connect all the peripherals and other device before with restored BIOS password. To adjust BIOS settings you can take Dell laptop support offered by tech professional with complete safety and privacy to deliver a reliable service.