How to Solve Alienware Overheating Issue?

The incorrect settings in BIOS will cause overheating in windows or it can be due to heavy processor usage. High amount of duct accumulation can generating power spike will lead to unexpected system shutdown or due to improper usage environment.

Users can also read How to troubleshoot video problems in Dell Alienware laptops. But below are the methods and steps to troubleshoot overheating and shutting down issue in Alienware.

alienware overheating issue

Steps to Fix Alienware 17 r4 Overheating Problems:


Step1: Press windows and R at the same time.

Step2: Now type msinfo32 in run bar and press enter now check the BIOS version installed.

Step3: Check online for the latest BIOS version available for your model if installed version is older install the latest version.

Step4: Restart after installing and check whether the issue is resolved or not.


Step1: On desktop right click and click on Graphic card control panel.

Step2: In left menu click on setup G-sync.

Step3: Uncheck enable G-sync checkbox and click on apply.


Step1: Reboot system while pressing F2 to enter BIOS of the computer.

Step2: On opening BIOS open advanced tab, now reach performance and press enter.

Step3: Now, open CPU performance mode and enable it.

Step4: Go to OC mode and select level 3 and press enter and now apply settings in BIOS to save and exit.

Step5: Press control + shift + esc and select performance tab if CPU is running 100% end task all programs running at high utilization make sure you save your work before end tasking it.

Call Alienware Support Number 1-844-395-2200 to Solve Overheating Issues

On following every step given above Alienware overheating and shutdown issue is not resolved you can call an expert. To get in touch with Alienware professionals you can contact Alienware customer service number to get help online to fix the Overheating problem. Our team of certified tech professionals is working to fix overheating issue in Alienware computers problems with right approach.