How to Solve Dell Scanner Not Connecting with Windows 10 PC?

Dell has released different devices as printer, scanner, PCs, laptop, tablet etc. All these are assembled with different components that given outstanding features and working experience to the users. Here in this content you will come to know about the Dell Scanner device along with its issues and troubleshooting steps which is only provided by the experts available.

There are few more problems apart from Dell scanner not connected issue that can create problem and gives you a frustrating experience. The errors are like configuring Dell scanner on Windows 10 OS, backup problem, virus scan & removal, scanning problem as sluggish performance, low printing quality etc and all these issues needs to be troubleshooting as soon as possible. The Dell users operating their scanner on Windows 10 operating system PCs and looking for help they can make a call at the Dell customer support phone number where the issues are settled accordingly as per the system hardware and software configuration.

support for dell scanner

Firstly the users may try to fix the Dell scanner connection problem manually by following the hints from below of this page and in case if it won’t help or you need technical help then you may choose the best customer support who can deal with your issues easily. They will be contacted at one call with readily available with best and possible results.

Instructions to Settle the Dell Scanner Not Connecting Problem Manually:

Step 1: Firstly, the users may have to enable Network Discovery to Resolve "No Scanner Installed" Issues

  • For this, users need to uninstall the entire Dell software suite
  • After that you may require to verify for entries remaining for the scanner in the device manager and if any found then uninstall it.

Step 2: Now, they need to select Home / Private Network location and Network Discovery as per your current operating system i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8.1/ 10 etc.

Step 3: You can also try to add printer by the use of WSD if it is showing no scanner installed.

Step 4: If the above steps won’t help you then follow some of the alternate methods as download the scanning app that can scan PDF after selecting Feeder or Flatbed as the source inside of the app.

The users who have followed the steps mentioned above accordingly and facing the same concern as Dell scan connection error then need to get in touch with the Dell scanner support who are very much aware about the problems and they are capable to get the issues settled as per the customer choice and need at a low fare of service charge.