How to Solve USB port problems on Dell Laptop?

USB port in Dell laptops or computers allows users to plug and play or copy and transfer various types of contents between the Dell laptop and USB drives.  And you are facing a problem while using the USB port of Dell laptop or other issues with port or device then you can follow certain troubleshooting tips given below for dealing with such issues on your Dell laptops.

How to identify USB Port is working or Not?

To know the USB port in your Dell PC is working or not, you have to open device manager under control panel where just double-click Universal Serial Bus controllers appears, check if there is any exclamation marks showing then update the software driver. Here search automatically for updated driver software and follow the prompts or call to Dell laptop support.

usb port problem on dell

Update the BIOS to Latest Version

Outdated BIOS driver can be also another major reason to create such issues of USB port recognizing the system’s USB port. To update the driver go to control panel update the same without any issue, and when update is completed your computer will restart again to load the operating system with the newly installed driver version. You can also take Dell printer driver support to repair and update Dell drivers on your system with complete safety.

Set BIOS Setting to Default Settings

Resetting the BIOS to default settings will make sure the USB ports are enabled in the BIOS and you just need to reboot the computer and when rebooting process starts press the F2 key to enter the setup screen and then press F9 key. Press enter key to load the BIOS as a defaults and restart the computer to see the effects.

Technical Support for Dell Laptop

Use Diagnostic Tool to Test the USB Ports

If your system doesn’t have this diagnostic tool, you can browse Dell USB Diagnostics page and follow the prompts, to help identify the issues with your computer. Download and run this Dell USB Diagnostic tools to automatically detect the actual problem and fix the same with right solution. However, if your needs help for such issues, you can call at Dell technical support number to download the tool and fix the problem professionally.