How to Troubleshoot Video Problems in Dell Alienware Laptops?

Alienware laptops are made for high-definition gaming that comes with extraordinary picture and sound quality to give users a completely different experience while playing games. Any defect in sound or video quality will disturb your attention towards the gaming actions.

Actually there are multiple errors that can encounter and affect the sound or video quality of an Alienware laptop. In order to deal with such issues we brought checklist of troubleshooting various general problems in Dell Alienware desktop and laptops.

No Video or Media Files Not Playing

If any video is not running on your Alienware computer you can check your hardware connection and other attachments to ensure the proper connectivity of all the functions. Check and make sure monitored is plugged in the correct video card port and primary card.

Check the “NumLock” or “Caps Lock”, test another monitor in all Available GPU ports, reset the video card, verify the Video Card Power Connector to be correct ones, reset video card and other important settings to ensure the proper functioning of the Alienware laptop.

Video Not Displaying or Quality Distorted    

If Alienware laptops is not displaying the video or quality is distorted, use and run the BIST utility to troubleshoot the problems automatically. If the LCD monitor is not displaying any video you can connect external monitor that will help you to eliminate relevant software or video card problems in Alienware laptops.

Brightness, Contrast, or Geometrical problems

If your Alienware is showing extremely dim video, than adjust the brightness at right level or connect an AC adapter to avoiding power fluctuation problem in the BIOS. If you need help you can contact Dell Alienware support for troubleshooting such issues online.

Font Size, Icon or Screen Size Not Ok

If the font, icon or screen size is either showing too big or too small  you need to adjust few settings which depends on version of operating system. Just right click on your desktop screen, don’t select any icon or folder, when you right click you can see screen resolution and just select the desired resolution and click ok. Similarly from the control panel select display and change the size of all items and save the settings.

Color Problems or Screen Seems Fuzzy or Blurry

If the screen, icon or font is Fuzzy or Blurry or showing a color problem you need to run Laptop LCD Built-In Self-Test (LCD BIST), Test the Laptop LCD in the System Setup (BIOS) or you can try to boot into Enable VGA Mode to check the picture quality. For this you can also take online help calling Dell Alienware customer service offered by professionals.

Dead Pixels, Bright Pixels or Dark Pixels

The LCD monitor is made with combination pixels in the colors like red, green and blue sub-pixel. And when the sub-pixel is stable or not changing, you will see tiny black, white or colored spot appearing on the screen. Actually, there are two kinds of defects in sub-pixels called bright and dark sub pixel defect which is also known as a dot defect.

These are few common troubleshooting processes that can help you to fix video related problems in Alienware laptops and desktops PCs. If your video quality is still not good, and you need more tune-ups, just call at Dell customer support phone number and you will get online help by experts who will adjust the brightness, screen resolution and other settings at best level.