Dell Alienware Support for Technical Issues

Series of Dell Alienware laptops meant for gaming purpose available with highest level of configuration to enjoy high-definition gaming at your home. You can run large size complicated games without any interruption or affected speed. Dell Alienware laptop especially designed and developed for gamming passionate people with back-to-back online Alienware support for assisting various types of issues.

How to Open Alienware Laptop?

If you bought Dell Alienware laptop you need to be very careful from opening this device to playing a game. To open Alienware laptop in a safe manner read the user manual and instruction booklet comes with the new laptop box. Alienware laptop support is open 24-hour to help users facing a problem.

How to Download Games on Alienware?

Downloading games on Alienware laptop needs technical skills to know about the system requirements and configuration to adjust important controlling settings to play games. You need to download the right setup of games and similar application on your PC. You can also take Alienware gaming laptop support to download different types of games as per the compatibility of your system.  

How to Play Games on Alienware?

Playing a game on Alienware laptop is not an easy task, you need to attain expertize and understand the key functions or shortcut keys to operate various functions. High definition games have multiple functions and need right assistance to configure the settings to enjoy real-time gaming experience with better motion control. Support for Alienware gaming PC helps to run functions for end-users.

How to Change Alienware Color?

You can enjoy the games on your Alienware laptop only if you have enabled the lights bilking as per the action and movements on your computer screen. You can choose and change the color on Alienware and have a more enjoyable gaming experience. To change the Alienware color you can follow the short instructions given below and if you need help call our experts who will assist you remotely and also solve the color changing lights issues on Alienware devices.

Steps to Change Alienware Light Color:

  • Open and use the windows search console
  • Now using this console search AW Command Center
  • You will enter into the thermal controls
  • Now Select a number you want to change color
  • If you have another Alienware PC or laptop you can change its color
  • If lights not turns-on or get off then take help of an expert

How to Fix Alienware Alpha Yellow Light?

Alpha yellow light in Alienware laptop is the LED light blinks as per the functions on the keyboard. However, sometimes it creates a problem or yellow light not blinks or stop working on the Alienware laptops. To fix Alienware alpha yellow light problem you have to find out the actual problem and fix the issue causing the error. To test this function whether Alienware alpha yellow light properly functioning or not check the steps given below or call us for online help for Alienware alpha yellow light of death fix on your system.

Steps to Check or Fix Alienware Alpha Yellow Light:

  • Check if you replace your system (OS) drive, or a secondary drive.
  • Can you see the BIOS POST screen when you initially power the system up?
  • Check if the screen remains completely blank with no signs of life.
  • Do the fans inside the CPU, GPU, PSU, case spin or not?
  • Make sure the power LED on the computer come on.
  • Check the hard drive activity LED on the computer flash.

How to Download and Use Alienware Command Center?

Alienware Command Center is inbuilt special software in Alienware computers and laptops with single user-friendly applications especially designed to control features of your Alienware computer. It comes pre-installed in your system but if you don’t have on your system just follow the steps given below to download the Alienware command center on your computer. You can use Alienware command center for various purpose like check the component and CPU temperatures, Activate thermal controls, Alien FX, switch, or Export and import Alienware system profiles and for help call us online.

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Steps to Download Alienware Command Center:  

  • Open your preferred browser on your system.
  • Now look for the download Alienware command center on Dell website.
  • Now wait for a while and then some results will be shown.
  • Choose here the right download link.
  • Waiting until the download process completed.

How to Update Alienware BIOS?

If you not update your Alienware computer’s BIOS you will face a communication problem with eternal hardware devices. And to keep the controlling work properly you also need to keep your Alienware BIOS updated with latest version.  You can update Alienware BIOS with simple steps given below for Windows 7 and Windows 10 users. If there is any problem call at Alienware customer support and get online help.

Steps to Update Alienware BIOS:

For Windows 7 Users 

  • Click on the button
  • Click Run
  • Type msinfo32 and press Enter
  • Look for BIOS Version/Dateon the list

For Windows 10 Users

  • Right Click on the lower left hand of your screen
  • Click Run
  • Type msinfo32 and press Enter
  • Look for BIOS Version/Date on the list

How to Reset Alienware Laptop?  

If your Alienware laptop is creating a problem, running slow or showing any kind of error you can try rest the factory settings and it will help you to resolve this problem. Make sure keep the backup of your Alienware data before resting the system, as after resetting the entire data sets will be erased from the system. To reset Alienware laptops find the steps given below or call us for online support to fix the Alienware issues.

Steps to Reset Alienware Laptop:

  • Connect with External Drive and Get Backup.
  • Select a backup time point to reset.
  • Select to restore the whole backup image by choosing the image.
  • Or click Part to select a partition in the image file to restore it to original or other.

How to Fix Alienware Black Screen?

Just like blue screen error, black screen error also comes with Alienware laptops. When the error comes, everything goes blank and black screen appears not allowing any other functions to perform. To fix the Alienware error you can find here the quick solution recommended by our experts, if error is not removing you can call at our Alienware customer support number and we will provide you online assistance for solving such issues remotely.

Steps to Fix Alienware Black Screen Error:

  • Press F8 to Power on the system and hit the button till the Dell logo appears.
  • Advanced boot menu will appear after hitting F8 key.
  • Now press esc and press F8, from menu select last known good configuration.
  • If you are unable to find that option follow step1 to step3 again
  • Now in advance options select safe mode with networking options.
  • Once you logged in to safe mode press “windows+R” type “cmd” and press enter.
  • Now run command in the admin mode and enter “chkdsk” command.
  • Here you need to check all the updates for the drivers.

Online Support for Dell Alienware Laptops

Dell Alienware laptop users facing a technical problem at the time of use or playing a game can get Alienware customer support for technical issues affecting the speed and performance of this device. We are providing online tech support service for Dell Alienware laptop series with back-to-back online assistance for every user. We use remote access technology to resolve different issues with safety.

Scope of Online Support for Dell Alienware Laptops Issues:

  • Alienware Laptop Support for OS Issues
  • Alienware Laptop Optimization Support
  • Gaming Installation issues on Alienware
  • Gamming Update Issues on Alienware
  • Game Playing Issues on Alienware Laptops
  • Slow running of Alienware Laptops
  • Games not Responding Issues on Alienware
  • Support for Firewall and Proxy Related Issues
  • Antivirus Installation and Removal Support
  • Alienware Setup and Configuration Issues
  • Driver Installation or Repair Issues with Alienware
  • Support for Alienware m15x Laptops
  • Support for Alienware m14x Laptops
  • Support for Alienware m17x Laptops
  • Support Alienware 14 Support Laptops
  • Support for Alienware x51 Laptops
  • Dell Alienware x51 Support for Tech issues
  • Support for Alienware 17 Laptops
  • Support for Alienware 18 Laptops
  • Support for Alienware 17 Laptop
  • Support for Alienware 18 Laptop
  • Support for Alienware 14 Gaming Laptop

Alienware Customer Support Service Phone Number - 1-844-395-2200

We are an independent tech support service provider helps end-users to solve their problem as per their customize needs and availability. Our Dell Alienware support phone number is open 24-hour to help different users for gamming issues and other problems. We work with right approach and ready to help Alienware users to keep their device work nonstop for uninterrupted gaming experience.