Dell Computer Technical Support Service

Dell computers can give you wide range of computing platforms for home and office usage. Desktop PCs and other commercial setups all assembled with quality components and latest software for performing various crucial tasks. There are lesser chances of technical setbacks with Dell computers but still you need Dell computer help to deal with various issues that can affect the performance of your PC. And to meet the requirements of Dell users in US we have started online tech support.

How to Set Up a Dell Computer?

A new Dell computer or laptop need to be setup up professionally to use all the functions properly and avoid any kind of technical problem while using this system. The computer setup process for Dell users starts with physical setup of system and configuration of key settings. The setup process is done sequentially after following the step-by-step guidance given here. However, if you need help for Dell laptop setup or there is any problem you can find the online help at Dell customer support and get the right solution at your desk.

Steps to Setup Dell Computer:

  • First of start with Microsoft windows setup
  • Now create recovery media and update Windows
  • The next step is update drivers and BIOS
  • In this step you can create data backup
  • Now you can set up MS Office 2016 or 365
  • how to update bios Dell 

How to Update BIOS on Dell Computer?

BIOS, stands for Basic Input Output System is also known as system setup software that contained a small memory chip on the computer’s Motherboard. Actually, it acts as an interface between the computer's hardware and its operating system. Like Windows, allowing the software to control the PC's hardware of the system. The BIOS also contains instructions helps system to boot from Network or Hard drive, which drive to Boot from first. To avoid issues you also need to update BIOS on Dell computers or laptops. And if you need help or want to fix the Dell BIOS issues you can follow the steps or call for online help.

Steps to Update BIOS on Dell Computer:

  • First of open a web browser on  www.Dell.com/support/drivers
  • Now enter your Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Model.
  • If the system shown is incorrect, then try again with right service tag
  • Now click "Find it Myself" then select "Refine your results:".
  • Here from the Category menu, choose BIOS to see BIOS category.
  • Now click on "View details" to check version of the BIOS.
  • Here you have to click on "Important Information".
  • Now Click Download File to begin the download and Save the file to your Desktop
  • Once downloaded, you can double click the icon on your desktop.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • And your system will reboot and perform a BIOS will be updated.

How to Fix Dell Computer Booting Error?

Dell computers showing the booting problem stops the system from normally start. Either it takes extraordinary time or booting process running for infinite loop not allowing doing or performs any other function on Dell computer system. If your Dell PC does not power on or boot into the operating system, you perform a hard reset first to fix this problem. If booting problem is not solved you can follow the instructions given below or call us for online help to check the issue remotely with best possible solution on your desk.

Steps to Fix Dell Computer Booting Error:

  • Verify the Computer Initial Power-Up process
  • Now Unplug All External Devices
  • Reset the BIOS to Default Values
  • Now boot to the Hard Drive Using the Boot Menu
  • Run your Computer Diagnostic and boot into the Safe Mode
  • Attempt to Boot to the Last Known-Good Configuration
  • Now Check for the Recent Changes and Use Startup Repair
  • The Windows Critical Files Got Restored
  • Now Use System Restore to Revert to a Previous State
  • Use Clean-Boot Troubleshooting to solve Software Issue

How to Fix a Dell Computer Error Codes?

Despite configuring the Dell computer with right settings, you can face the various issues while operating the devices. And most of the times issues are indicated with an error code. Each error code indicates a particular type of problem and you need to identify the error code to apply the best solution. Here you can take help from our online tech support service, just allow the remote access of your system and our experts will solve your problem with right solution.

Get Online Support to fix a following Dell Computer Errors:

  • Fix Dell Computer Error Codes
  • Fix Dell Computer Blue Screen Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Disk Read Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Booting Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Keyboard Failure Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Fatal System Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Keyboard Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Hard Drive Error
  • Fix Dell Computer Windows Error Recovery
  • Fix Dell Computer A Disk Read Error Occurred

Repair Dell Computer Software Issues Online    

We offer Dell computer support for computer users in US or Canada and facing problems like operating system issues, software problem, internet connection error, driver related issues, browser problem and virus removal related issues. Our technician can repair all these issues remotely using right tools and techniques ensuring the safety at every stage. To enjoy our online service just dial our contact number and stay away from technical breakdowns like software problem or connection error.

Scope of Online Support for Dell Computer Issues:

  • Dell Computer Support for Operating System issues
  • Online Support for Dell PC Configure & Setup
  • Software Installation, Update and Reinstallation
  • Online Help for Backup Issues on Dell Computer
  • Support for Dell Computer Running at Slow Speed
  • Virus Scan & Removal Support for Dell Computer
  • Malware & Adware Removal Support for Dell Computer
  • PC Optimization Support for Dell Computers
  • Online Support for PC Tune-up of Dell Computer
  • Troubleshoot Dell Computer Other Issues
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem in Dell Computer
  • Peripheral Connection and Sharing Issues

Dial Dell Computer Support Number 1-844-395-2200 (Toll-Free)

If you face any of the above mentioned issues, you can call at Dell customer support number given on our website for Toll-free calling and nonstop assistance at your desk. Our technicians are eagerly waiting for your call to assist you online with tech support solution for multilevel of crucial issues associated with Dell desktop PCs used at home, offices or other commercial places.