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Dell Inspiron is one of the most innovative featured and affordable series of laptops with largest customer base across the globe. If you are one of them, then enjoy the best features with high-end configurations and durable hardware components avoiding any kind of technical issues. You can use Inspiron for home or business use for day-to-day computing and other needs. Dell Inspiron Laptop Support is also available easily for you for dealing tech issues.

How to Screenshot on Dell Inspiron?

While using the Dell Inspiron you can take screenshot of any desktop view to keep the same for future reference or send the same to any other via mail. Actually, there are many ways to take screenshot on Dell Inspiron but you need to check the best and most simple one that can easily performed with minimum efforts. Below you can find the several ways to take screenshot on Dell Inspiron and if you face any problem or need help, just call at Dell Inspiron support number and get online assistance at your desk.

Steps to Take Screenshot on Dell Inspiron:

  • Use PrtScn (Print Screen) or CTRL + PrtScn
  • Use the keyboard shortcut: Windows + PrtScn
  • Use the keyboard shortcut: Alt + PrtScn
  • Use Windows + Shift + S (Windows 10 only)
  • Use the Snip & Sketch app (Windows 10 only)

How to Factory Reset Dell Inspiron?

If your Dell Inspiron is not running well, resting the system can help you with assured solution of various issues affecting your laptop. Resting the Dell Inspiron laptop can also wipe out the data from your computer, so keep a backup of all data and then proceed to resting process given below. Once you completed, restore the data and use your files. However, meanwhile if you have any problem or need help to rest Dell Inspiron then call at Dell Inspiron support phone number and get online support to fix such issues remotely.

Steps to Factory Reset Dell Inspiron:

  • Turn on your Dell Inspiron laptop and press F8 on the keyboard
  • Keep pressing still "Advanced Boot Options" menu appears on laptop screen.
  • On the "Advanced Boot Options" interface, click "Repair Your Computer".
  • Now specify the language settings that you want, and then click "Next".
  • Here enter your Windows account password (administrator account).
  • In the Dell Factory Image Restore window, choose the right option for factory set.
  • Your computer is restored to the default factory configuration now.

How to Update BIOS Dell Inspiron?

BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input/Output system helps to act as an interface between the PC's hardware and the operating system. It contains the instructions that the PC uses to perform basic instructions such as whether to boot from network or hard disk drive. You need to keep it updated to avoid any issue and run your device smoothly. To know how to update BIOS on Dell Inspiron find here the right process given by the computer experts with nonstop online support to solve Dell Inspiron BIOS related issues.

Steps to Update BIOS Dell Inspiron:

  • Visit at Dell Support website home page.
  • Find and Click on the "Find Drivers, BIOS, and other updates" link
  • Select "Drivers & Downloads" subheading.
  • Enter your Dell Service Tag or Express Service Code.
  • Find the "Dell-BIOS" entry with the latest release date
  • Now click on the "Download File" link for that entry.
  • Click on the "Download Now" button in the window that opens.
  • Now launch the BIOS update by double-clicking the setup file and Click "Update".
  • When update is completed "Click "OK" and reboot your computer.

How to Factory Reset Dell Inspiron without Password?

To restore the setting of your Dell Inspiron laptop you have to follow the certain steps to complete this action successfully. But to perform this action, you need to enter your system password and if you don’t have the password or you don’t know how to factory reset Dell Inspiron without password you need to follow the right instructions given below. If these steps are not helpful, call at Dell Inspiron support number to get online assistance by our experts and help you to reset Dell Inspiron without password.

Steps to Factory Reset Dell Inspiron without Password:

  • Click the Power icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • While holding the Shift key, click Restart your computer.
  • It will take you to the troubleshooting option screen.
  • Now click on Troubleshoot and to reset your computer.
  • Now click on Reset your PC and Click Next.
  • The system will reboot and begin preparing to reset the PC.
  • Now click Just remove my filesand then Click Reset.

How to Fix Dell Inspiron Laptop Black Screen?

Just like blue screen error, black screen error can also come with Dell Inspiron laptops. It shows a black screen with totally black screen not allow to perform any more other actions. You can restart your computer to overcome this problem if you ignore this problem your computer hard disk may crash or windows can corrupt wiping out the entire data of your computer. Hence, be careful and follow the right instruction to Fix Dell Inspiron laptop black screen problem. If issue is not getting fixed, call at Dell laptop support number and get online assistance by experts to solve the Bitdefender antivirus related issues.

Steps to Fix Dell Inspiron Laptop Black Screen Error?

  • Restart your laptop and when you see the Dell logo, click the F12 key
  • Keep pressing repeatedly until you see the Entering Setuplabel
  • Now click the option to reset the default settings.
  • Now press a key from bottom of the screen to load the default settings.
  • Press here ESCto exit the BIOS screen after selecting the Save and Exit
  • Update BIOS if resetting BIOS to factory defaults won’t fix the problem.

Setup and Configure Dell Inspiron with Online Support

To run this laptop series you need to setup and configure all the important settings with the help of experts by calling them on Dell Inspiron Support Number. There are various functions you need to adjust and run crucial software accordingly, as any kind of technical setback can create a major problem stopping your Dell Inspiron anytime during the use. Here you can get assured online help for Dell Inspiron laptop issues with safety.

Dell Inspiron Technical Support for All Issues

Dell laptops showing a technical problem get right solution here by team of well-trained computers engineers. Never avoid minor problems or frequent setbacks otherwise your Dell Inspiron will become victim of major attacks. Calling at Dell Inspiron technical support number will help you to avoid such issues and stay safe while using your computer. A remote control access process is followed to deliver and feasible and effective online support service.

Get One-stop Solution for Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop Issues

Our Dell Inspiron Gaming laptop support is also open for your all series of Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptops including Dell Inspiron 15 5576, 7566, 7567, 7466 and 7467 models to fix all technical problems. Our versatile techies will diagnosis and fix all levels of critical issues including Operating System Issues, Software Problem, Games installation or not working and other errors affecting the Dell Gaming Laptops. With us you will enjoy uninterrupted gaming and stay focused on the gaming actions to get a true entertainment and gaming experience.       

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