Dell Laptop Support Number for Tech Issues

If you have Dell laptop, you will get right computing machine packed with advance OS and other configurations. Technical problems not arrive usually due to quality components and best combination of software and settings to give a world-class portable device. Dell laptop support is also available for users seeking online help for netbook and other portable computer systems not running properly. Dell laptop help is available right here with speedy solution with extra care and attention.

How to Reboot Dell Laptop Windows 10?

Sometimes while staring the computer it takes too much time or booting process goes into the loop making difficult for users  to start again or shut down the computer. The booting process of Dell laptops can differ due to operating system version and few configurations of the system. Usually in all versions of windows operating system the rebooting process is same but in Windows 10 you have to follow the steps given below and if there is any problem or need help just dial the Dell laptop support number and get online assistance by experts.

Steps to Reboot Dell Laptop Windows 10:

  • Navigate and click on ‘Power’ then on ‘Restart’
  • Now you need to select the ‘Reboot’ option
  • Wait First of all your system shut down
  • If you have updated your system it will take time
  • Once the updates are installed system will start

How to Solve Wi-Fi Problem in Dell Laptop?

Wireless connectivity issues in Dell laptop is one of the common issues that not allow users to connect their device with Wi-Fi and run the internet or access other services. The Wi-Fi issues on Dell laptops comes usually due to Wi-Fi driver corrupt, outdated driver, wireless adapter issue, weak signal strength, and corrupted system files. To solve this problem you need to check the each function manually following the steps given below and for help you can all at our Dell laptop customer support number.

Steps to Fix Wi-Fi Problem in Dell Laptop:

  • Check and download the device driver to install on your computer.
  • Check and press "Fn-F2" keys together to enable the wireless adapter.
  • Check the wireless connection of your laptop with router and enable the encryption key.
  • Now check the signal strength of your wireless network on your Dell laptop.
  • Clean or remove all the system registry files that can create connectivity issue.

How to Format Dell Laptop to Factory Settings?

If the Dell laptop problem not gets solved, the last resort to deal with such issues is format your Dell laptop to factory settings. Formatting the Dell laptops will erase all your data stored into your hard disk and settings will be restored at factory settings and it will become like new laptop have no customize data or settings. But while doing that you need to keep a backup of your device and follow the right instructions given below. If you need help you can call us for online support to format your Dell laptop with safety.

Steps to Format Dell Laptop to Factory Settings:

  • Restart your computer and press the F8key until the Advanced Boot Options
  • Now Select the Repair Your Computeroption
  • Open Advanced Boot Options menu, and then press Enter.
  • Now select your language settings and then click Next.
  • Log in as an administrative user, and click OK.
  • Then click the Dell Factory Image Restore
  • In the Dell Factory Image Restore window, click on Next.
  • Check the box that reads then click Next.
  • Now your computer will restore to factory settings
  • Once the restore operation is completed, click on Finishto restart your computer.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Startup Problem?

Dell laptops taking too much time or not starting at the time of booting means it is coping with startup issue. The startup problem with Dell laptop is very common among the users as many people enable the auto start for various applications and starting of such unusual apps at the time of starting the system also create problem for the entire system to start normally or takes extraordinary time while starting the system. To solve the Dell laptop startup problem find here the instructions or call us for online support.

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Startup Problem:

  • Shut the system down and then restart
  • Go into your BIOS settings by tapping the “F2” key at the Dell logo screen.
  • Under “Settings” Click on “Boot Sequence” under “General”
  • Go to the “Boot List Options” and select UEFI (see screen-shot below)
  • Click “Apply”
  • Click “Exit”, and the computer will restart automatically.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Error Codes?

Apart from the common issues, there are various errors comes while running the Dell laptops. Each error has code name and if code is not identified it becomes difficult to fix the actual problem causing such errors. Hence, you can take help from expert’s right here and fix the errors with assured solution. And we are right here to help you remotely and fix the Dell laptop errors using the best troubleshooting process ensuring the safety.

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Error Codes:

  • Update operating system with latest version
  • Update drivers and repair the corrupted drivers
  • Scan virus and remove all the malicious files
  • Check and clean the registry files from system
  • Remove the junk files restart your system.

Best Online Support for Dell Laptop

Dell laptop will not face any kind of interruption because our online assistance is always ready to assist such users and solve the problem with right solution. We are providing Dell Alienware support for troubleshooting various levels of issues affecting Dell laptops. We work for both type users including home and office Dell laptops having trouble at the time of running or using a particular program. We solve issues like OS problem, virus scan, antivirus installation, internet connection issue and wireless connectivity error and troubleshoot other unexpected errors.

Top Issues We Solve for Dell Laptops:

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  • Antivirus Installation and Removal Support
  • OS Update and Software Uninstallation Issues
  • Data Storage and Backup Support for Dell Laptops
  • Driver Installation or Repair Issues with Dell Laptops

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We have assigned a separate toll-free Dell laptop support phone number to assist you at one call for personalize assistance on phone using remote access to fix your computer problem quickly. Our technicians can give you a prompt solution without disturbing your computer data or other settings. Our online support service open 24-hour for anyone looking for online help for Dell laptop issue and the service is backed with reliable customer service.

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