Dell Printer Support Number for Dell Laser Printer Repair

Dell printers not working properly need to be diagnosed by a well-qualified technician who can check the issue personally and recommend best solution at low cost. Dell printer technical support is now available online for solving various issues like software problem and connectivity error. To use Dell printers you need to install driver and configure with right settings so that you not face any kind of malfunction. However, if any setback comes, we are available here to solve your  problem online.

How to Setup Dell Printer Wireless?

Wireless printer also need to setup with proper configuration and settings to connect the computer and take out the prints. If you enable the necessary functions like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi you can use the Dell wireless printer by connecting with computers or laptops. If you don’t know how to setup Dell printer wireless and get uninterrupted printing services you cab follow the steps given below and setup this machine or call at our Dell wireless printer support for online help to fix such issues by computer experts.

Steps to Setup Dell Printer Wireless:

  • Turn on your printer and PC connected to wireless network.
  • Now Insert the Software and the CD that came with your Dell
  • Insert Printer CD into your Computer’s Disc Drive.
  • Accept the terms of the License Agreement, and follow the directions.
  • Complete the installation process as instructed,
  • Now configure your printer and align your cartridges.
  • Click the Start button and then choose Control Panel.
  • Double-click Devices and Printers from the Control Panel.
  • Now Click Add a printer and Select the wireless or network printer
  • Select your printer from the list and click OK.
  • Complete the rest of the steps until you click Finish

How to Fix Dell Printer Not Connecting To Computer?

Printer connection with computer is one of the most common problems among the users across the globe. And wireless printers especially show this problem at larger scale. Actually, there are multiple reasons just like others Dell printers not connect to computer. You need to fix the Dell printer not connecting to computer using the right troubleshooting process given right here. If problem is not getting solved call us for online support, we will help you remotely to fix the connectivity problem of printers.

Steps to Solve Dell Printer Not Connecting To Computer:

  • Reseat both ends of the cable if using USB.
  • Restart the computer and Turn the printer off.
  • Unplug the printer power cord from the A/C outlet
  • Now surge protector and wait at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug the printer power cord back into the A/C outlet.
  • Turn the printer back on and Print a test page.
  • Make sure the desired printer is set as the default printer.

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Not Connecting to PC for Wireless Printer:

  • Make Sure the computer is on the network.
  • Check printer portal settings and IP address are correct.
  • Run the Printer troubleshooter to diagnose printer.
  • It will automatically correct any printer spooler issues.
  • Uninstall the printer driver, download and install the latest printer driver.
  • Perform a System Restore to a time when the printer was working.

How to Find Dell Printer IP Address?

To connect the Dell printer on network you need to configure this machine using the IP Address. IP address is the right way to find out the gateway to connect with computers and similar devices to take out prints. If you do not know how to find the Dell printer IP address you can follow the instructions given right here. If there is any problem call at Dell printer support number and get online assistance to fix the issue.

Steps to Find Dell Printer IP Address:

  • Find out the network name using DOS command of printer.
  • Now check network administrator and ask for Printer name.
  • Here click on the “Start” button and choose “Run” from the menu.
  • Now type “CMD” in the box and click “OK.”
  • Here your need to type “ping printername” in the DOS window
  • Now record the number this is the IP address of your printer.
  • Walk over to the printer and press the “Menu” button.
  • Now Press the down arrow until the word “Configure” appears.
  • Press here the right arrow key until the word “Reports” appears on the control panel.
  • Here you will now see the “Printer Settings” page.
  • Find here on “Printer Settings” page the IP address.

How to Fix Dell Printer Not Printing?

Dell printer not printing the document means there is some issue stopping the machine from printing. Actually, there could be multiple reasons like low or out of ink, outdated or corrupt driver, incorrect printing command, printer not connected with computer and various other unknown reasons affecting the device. If you don’t know how to fix Dell printer not working you can follow the step given right here to solve this problem by experts and enjoy the nonstop printing with Dell printers.

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Not Printing:

  • Check printer connection and USB cables
  • Check and Update Printer Driver
  • Repair the Corrupted Printer Driver
  • Check if any paper is jammed in printer
  • Uninstall and reinstall Printer Software

How to Check Dell Printer Ink Levels?

If printer ink is low or out of ink you will not able to get the printouts. The printer running without ink will show an error, so you need to regularly check the ink level to avoid such issues. Actually, all Dell printers have little different structure and configurations, hence the ink level checking process would be also different but right now you can follow the most common steps to check ink levels in any type of Dell printer. If you need help for Dell printer ink or cartridge related issues you can call us toll-free

Steps to Check Dell Printer Ink Levels:

  • Now click Start button on your computer.
  • Click All Programs or Programs and select Dell Printers.
  • Choose the printer from the drop-down list at the top of the window.
  • Now Click the Maintenance tab and click Check Ink Levels.
  • Here if the ink levels are low, purchase new inkjet cartridges.

One-stop Support for All Dell Printers

If you are looking for Dell wireless printer support you can choose our service, as we deal with all models and types of Dell printers including Wi-Fi printers and LaserJet printers connected with computers or laptops and showing problem. Our technician will get access of your system connected with Dell printer and other similar devices. Driver issue, printer sharing or wireless connection problem all will get precise solution as per the customize needs of different users having Dell printer.

Scope of Dell Printer Tech Support with Us:

  • Dell Printer Support for New Installation
  • Driver Repair or Reinstall Support for Dell
  • Online Help to Setup Dell Printer
  • Online Support to Configure Dell Printer
  • Support for Dell Printer Drivers Issues
  • Online Help to Install Dell Printer Drivers
  • Dell Printer Troubleshooting Support
  • Dell Printer Support for Sharing on Network
  • Dell Printer Wireless Connectivity Problem
  • Ink Cartridge Related Issue with Dell Printers
  • Print Quality Related Issues of Dell Printer
  • Paper Jam Issues with Dell Printers
  • Dell Printer Support for Error Troubleshooting
  • Online Support for Dell Printer showing Offline

24-hour Support for Dell Printer at our Toll-free 1-844-395-2200

If you are looking for Dell customer support technicians, then dial our toll-free Dell printer support phone number 1-844-395-2200 we will connect with right technician to repair your printer. We have team of best technicians to troubleshoot different issues affecting the performance of Dell printers. We work remotely and make sure your problem is solved with best efforts to ensure eliminate the error with right techniques.